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Ethan suddenly woke up in his bed. "huh? What the hell is wrong with the light?" he said out loud as he looked in the hallway outside his room.

A light was flicking on and off. "stupid faulty wiring" he mumbled, then fell back asleep.

An hour later, the light was flickering again, but this time there was a loud clicking noise coming from the source. "God damn it, SHUT UP!" Ethan yelled out, half asleep.

The flickering suddenly stopped and the light went out.

Three hours later, the light started flickering and making loud clicking noises that echoed through the entire house. "That's it!" Ethan screamed and got out of bed. The second his foot touched the ground, the light went out and he was bathed in darkness. "...shit" He slowly crept towards the location of the light switch. The light switch was in the off position. "...what the. How could the light have been on the entire time?" Ethan shrugged then went back to bed.

The next morning, Ethan turned on the radio. There was news of blackout that had started at nine o'clock last night... And ended at six o'clock in the morning. "How did... If there was a black out... Then... What the fuck..." Ethan said, very confused. The day went by normally, and Ethan soon shrugged off what had happened the night before.

In the middle of the night, Ethan woke up again. The light was flickering and making loud noises... But this time it was tinted red.

He got up, and looked into the hall. The flickering stopped, and in front of him stood a tall, female figure that was completely white, except for her long black hair... And her glowing red eyes. Most terrifying of all, she had no mouth... And she was holding a knife. Ethan ran into his room. Fast. He slammed the door shut and moved all his belongings he could up against the door. He sighed, then headed for the window.

Ethan had been running through his neighborhood for one hour, catching glimpses of the ghostly figure following him everywhere he went. He collapsed to the ground. All that running had been too much for him. He looked up, and saw the woman who was chasing him. "Why... Why are you chasing me" Ethan asked. She said nothing, and brought the knife down into his heart. Then she simply disappeared, and prepared to choose her next victim.